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Clínica dental en Bilbao

Zabalegui Ortodoncia is tradition + innovation

This is the 4th generation of dentists in our family, our aim is to ensure an excellent work in orthodontics using cutting-edge technology to guarantee a great treatment. Our clinics offer advanced technology and a great team to make your visit a really nice experience. The best treatment is the prevention, we want you to rely on us.

Our Team

Clínica dental en Bilbao
Clínica dental en Bilbao

Dr. Paula Zabalegui

Daughter and granddaughter of medicine doctors and dentists. I truly wanted to continue with my family traidition studying dentistry. In addition, ever since I started dental school I noticed the importance of the smile in every person, that is why i chose to study a master´s negree in advanced orthodontics at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).

My Milestone is to see how my patient´s self esteem improves when about to smile and give them the confidence to make it happen.

Dr. Paula Zabalegui has been honored with the “Thomas M. Graber Award” from the American Association of Orthodontics for her PHd thesis.

Clínica dental en Bilbao

Gonzaga Zabalegui

During my whole life I have been surrounded by dentists and i truly believe the importance of the technology applied to the orthodontics field to ensure an excellent quality treatment. The advanced knowledge of Dr. Paula Zabalegui together with my information Technologies knowledge make an outstanding synergy.

Our clinics

Clínica dental en Bilbao

Our clinics use cutting-edge technology.

Using our advanced 3D technology we can gather tridimensional footage of the Skull, bone structures and teeth to ensure a high quality treatment. This technology is called CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography), this new technologu replaces convencional X ray.