Orthodontics Options

onda Zabalegui ortodoncia

Traditional, esthetic, clear aligners, hidden lingual braces.

Traditional orthodontics

onda Zabalegui ortodoncia

Traditional braces nowadays are very small and comfortable.

Ortodoncia tradicional en la clínica Zabalegui
Ortodoncia estética en la clínica Zabalegui

Esthetic orthodontics

onda Zabalegui ortodoncia

For those of you who want to find comfort and efficiency, but care of esthetics. Not all the braces are metal made, ceramic braces work as good as traditional and are made of a tooth-like colour.

Clear aligners

onda Zabalegui ortodoncia

Transparent splints tailor-made for your own mouth, they gradually align your teeth. These must be used for 20 – 22 hours per day and must be renewed every 2 or 3 weeks.


Alineadores invisibles en la clínica Zabalegui
Brackets linguales en la clínica Zabalegui

Hidden lingual braces

onda Zabalegui ortodoncia

These are personalized braces, specifically designed for your teeth. Hidden lingual braces are totally invisible because they are stuck on the inside surface of the teeth. This is cutting-edge treatment nowadays.